Telle Discusses Women in Tech in Bangalore, Plus More ABI India News

It’s a busy time for ABI India— there’s a lot of exciting work being done to advance women in tech in India. With so much going on, we’ve put together a recap of recent events and highlights from the ABI India Team in Bangalore.

Telle Visits Bangalore to Discuss Women in Tech and Diversity

In April 2016, Telle Whitney, CEO and President of the Anita Borg Institute, paid a visit to Bangalore.

During her visit, ABI and Thomson Reuters India held a workshop for 40 participants on “Decoding Diversity and Inclusion Programs.” At the workshop, Telle shared her perspective on the global state of diversity in the workplace. She also emphasized the importance of measuring the impact diversity and inclusion programs have on women in tech, minorities and companies as a whole.

Telle Whitney discusses women in tech and minorities at ABI's and Thomson Reuters India's workshop.

Telle Whitney discusses women in tech and minorities at an ABI and Thomson Reuters India workshop.

Attendees also heard from Vijaya Deepti, Vice President at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). As the first female engineer to join TCS in 1982, Vijaya shared the organization’s diversity journey and discussed how TCS manages an inclusive workforce through programs for women at various management levels.

The session also featured a workshop by Nirmala Menon, founder and CEO of Interweave Consulting. Nirmala discussed how to create and sustain effective diversity and inclusion programs within organizations. One key takeaway was that any diversity initiatives must take into consideration an employee’s whole career cycle, from recruitment through senior roles.

GHCI 2016 Call for Submissions Now Open

Recently, ABI announced the opening of the Call for Submissions for GHCI 2016.  GHCI will take place in Bangalore on December 7-9 2016.

ABI India invites submissions from women in technical roles from industry, government and academia, as well as entrepreneurs and students. Click here to submit an idea for GHCI.

Women’s Entrepreneur Quest 2015 Top 6 Visit Silicon Valley

As part of the Women’s Entrepreneur Quest, six finalists and ABI India staff traveled to California to immerse themselves in the innovation and entrepreneurship culture in Silicon Valley. Read the highlights from this memorable visit.